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All Plans Include...

Full web font support. Typefaces look how they were intended to look
Full page screenshots with added intelligence - we handle infinite scrolling pages, scroll hijacking 🤢, 100% height background images and loads more...
Optionally screenshot a specific element on the page, instead of the whole page. You can use it to convert SVG to PNG amongst other things
Automatic triggering of lazy loading elements, so you get a complete screenshot, not a half-baked one
Full control over the viewport, enabling responsive screenshots to see how a site renders at different breakpoints
Hide elements on the page before taking a screenshot. Say goodbye to those annoying popups and modals
The ability to click on or hover over elements before taking a screenshot.
Wait to ensure a specific element is loaded before taking a screenshot
Emulate different devices by setting a specific User-Agent string
Set cookies to get around cookie walls and authenticated pages
Up to date rendering engine meaning all the goodies like flexbox, webGL and SVG are supported
Optionally highlight text in the page before taking a screenshot
Sweet developer sandbox to play with all of these options before going into production
Official code libraries for Node.js, PHP, Ruby, Python and C#
Wordpress integration via our screenshot plugin
No limit on the amount of domains or IP's you can use from
No limit on the amount of cached requests. Linking is encouraged. Downloading of screenshots is welcomed.
Super Fast CloudFlare CDN over SSL used for API and screenshot caching.
Cache screenshots for however long you like (up to 30 days)
Simple billing, with a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied
Operational transparency (uptime and status page!)
No frigging watermarks

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