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Full web font support. Typefaces look how they were intended to look
Full page screenshots with added intelligence - we handle infinite scrolling pages, scroll hijacking 🤢, 100% height background images and loads more...
Optionally screenshot a specific element on the page, instead of the whole page. You can use it to convert SVG to PNG amongst other things
Automatic triggering of lazy loading elements, so you get a complete screenshot, not a half-baked one
Full control over the viewport, enabling responsive screenshots to see how a site renders at different breakpoints
Hide elements on the page before taking a screenshot. Say goodbye to those annoying popups and modals
The ability to click on or hover over elements before taking a screenshot.
Wait to ensure a specific element is loaded before taking a screenshot
Emulate different devices by setting a specific User-Agent string
Set cookies to get around cookie walls and authenticated pages
Up to date rendering engine meaning all the goodies like flexbox, webGL and SVG are supported
Optionally highlight text in the page before taking a screenshot
Sweet developer sandbox to play with all of these options before going into production
Official code libraries for Node.js, PHP, Ruby, Python and C#
Wordpress integration via our screenshot plugin
No limit on the amount of domains or IP's you can use from
No limit on the amount of cached requests. Linking is encouraged. Downloading of screenshots is welcomed.
Super Fast CloudFlare CDN over SSL used for API and screenshot caching.
Cache screenshots for however long you like (up to 30 days)
Simple billing, with a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied
Operational transparency (uptime and status page!)
No frigging watermarks

Frequently Asked Questions

A unique screenshot is any combination of url and parameters that you have not requested before.
Yes, we cache screenshots for 30 days. You can override this setting via the ttl parameter or use the force option to override a previously cached screenshot.
No. Only screenshots that are being rendered for the first time count against the quota
No need to worry, we won't cut your service off. We allow you to go over your monthly unique screenshot quota by 10%. After this, we charge an overuse fee per unique screenshot rendered. This is the 'additional screenshot' fee shown for each plan in the pricing panel.
We sure do. We will send you an email when you are at 80%, 90% and 100% usage of your monthly plan.
Yes. We never store or transmit your credit card details to our servers. We outsource all of the payment and subscription handling to our payment processor Stripe.
Not on our standard plans. If you require an SLA, please get in touch with us.

We aim our product mostly to other revenue generating businesses ranging from single freelancers, bloggers, all the way to start-ups and enterprises. These customers understand the value and convenience of our offering plus how much time and money they will save by using our product.

We do offer a free trial if you want to try before committing to one of our plans.


Yes, you can just use PhantomJS or any other open source solution for taking screenshots. They will work ok for some sites, but they use really old browser versions and so the accuracy of their screenshots may not be up to scratch, and you can trust us, we've been there..

Any site that employs 'modern' web technologies such as webfonts, svg, canvas, HTML5 video backgrounds, flexbox etc will probably give you inconsistent results. Also, depending on how many screenshots you want to take you might find that scaling one of these open source projects becomes a project in itself.

So just use instead, we've already gone through all the hard work in setting up a highly accurate, scalable rendering grid.

Ok, we know what it's like to be just starting out ourselves, if you're a scrappy startup or Open Source project, get in touch and let us cut you a deal 😉
We use Amazon S3 to store screenshot images. If you're on the startup plan or above you can choose to save screenshots to your own bucket too.
We will work with you to ensure our product meets your needs. Please help us make it better by letting us know what we can do to improve. If you're still not satisfied after 30 days you can have your money back.
It's easy to cancel, just log in to the dashboard and hit the Cancel Account button. Your account will remain active until your renewal date and after that you will no longer be charged.
We think it's pretty good, but feel free to try us out. We generally respond to any queries via email within the same day and aim to resolve issues within 3 working days.