Why Choose
Urlbox vs URL2PNG?

Urlbox is the URL2PNG alternative that makes fast, accurate screenshots. Finally, a screenshot API you can depend on.

URL2PNG was the first good screenshot API.
Urlbox focused on being the best since 2012.

Urlbox's screenshots are considered the most accurate and high quality of any screenshot service.

The Urlbox team sweat the small stuff, ensuring that fonts and emoji's render correctly. They cringe with you at full page screenshots with repeating scrollbars and ugly horizontal seams. URL2PNG struggles to handle newer CSS features such as Flexbox, Grid and slower loading WebGL pages.

Urlbox is the screenshot API of choice for companies big and small.

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So what sets Urlbox apart from URL2PNG?

Here are six ways Urlbox outperforms URL2PNG

A better way to take screenshots.

Retina Images

Render quality high-dpi images that look great on retina screens.

Block Popups

Block annoying pop-ups from getting in the way of your screenshots.

Click Accept

Dismiss cookie banners getting in the way of your screenshots.

Block Ads

Hide ads from taking all the attention in your screenshots.

Bypass Captchas

Automatically attempt to solve and bypass any captchas that are shown.

Bring Your Own Proxy

Use a proxy server to get around sites blocking your screenshots.

URL2PNG's experience looks and feels dated.

Urbox keeps their dashboard and documentation fresh.

Choose your render mode

With Urlbox you can preview all available API options and check API usage on modern dashboard.

With URL2PNG you'll feel like you've stepped into a computer history museum.

Render mode

More output formats

With Urlbox you can render screenshots as PNG, JPEG, WEBP, AVIF, SVG, PDF and even HTML.

With URL2PNG you can render in...

Output format

Delay settings

With Urlbox you can ensure a screenshot is only taken when a certain element is either in the DOM, or has left the DOM. Very useful for ensuring things like loading spinners are gone before generating a screenshot.

With URL2PNG the burden is on the page you're screenshotting to "Say Cheese!"

Render mode

Request options

With Urlbox you have all the power you need. You can even fail an API request if certain elements are present or not-present in the DOM. That means they won't count against your monthly quota!

With URL2PNG you pay for just 10 options... regardless of whether or not they actually work.

Output format

Exceptional support

Sadly, you'll hear many complaints about the level of support from URL2PNG.

You can see for yourself on various forums such as Twitter. Priority support really does mean priority support at Urlbox. Try it now with your trickiest screenshot problem.

With Urlbox you'll rarely have to wait for a whole business day - usually they'll get back to you within the hour!

Look up Urlbox's founder, Chris Roebuck, on LinkedIn.

While Urlbox is small and scrappy you'll see he's been full-time on the business for over 5 years. Urlbox is proudly profitable. They plan to be in the screenshots business for the long term.

Too many customers have learned the hard way that the alternatives, including URL2PNG, seem like neglected side projects.

It's easy to switch from URL2PNG

Many of the options URL2PNG has are named the same with Urlbox. The only difference is in how you would generate the token; with URL2PNG you use the md5 hash, Urlbox use the hmac-sha1 method. So what are you waiting for?

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