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Urlbox replaces a browser extension so and their customers can take great screenshots everytime.

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I was using browser extensions to capture screenshots of websites. I analysed and organised hundreds of examples of copywriting and marketing promotions - manually processing and uploading each screenshot. Urlbox allowed me to streamline this with a Wordpress integration.

There are so many screenshot services out there. They're fine if you're just doing thumbnails, you don't really care about quality or configuration options. It didn't take me long to find holes and hit the limitations of every one I tried. Urlbox has every feature I've ever needed to take great screenshots every time

It's so evident Urlbox really care and pay attention. It's rare that I need customer support but, when I do, I know one of the team will get right back to me.

Mike Schauer
Mike Schauer


New Jersey, United States


I love the support Urlbox provide. Normally when I have a new feature request like WebP images or blocking cookie popups, I email support and get a response saying it's already possible - within minutes.

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Rutger Tolenaar
Rutger Tolenaar // Founder, ReviewTycoon


Oegstgeest, the Netherlands

It would have been so cumbersome to implement a service of our own to take screenshots. Urlbox's API is so straight forward and the live preview is cool. I can play around with the parameters and see it do what I need it to do.

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Matthias Wagner
Matthias Wagner // CEO, Flux


California, United States

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